One If By Moonlight

The Story So Far...
Coming home isn't always easy

After time abroad Aldebaran Almari has finally returned to her homeland of Ilmeria.

But coming home isn’t always easy. Aldebaran stops in the small town of Noro where she discovers that the town has recently been plagued with kidnappings and banditry. Aldebaran uncovers, with the help of volunteer town guard Wallace Bartlett, that the crimes hadn’t been perpetrated by simple bandits, but by a pack of werewolves in the service of a young green dragon. Aldebaran and Wallace defeat the lycanthropes and the dragon, and return the missing people home. While in Noro, Aldebaran also meets a young boy named Olliver, a stablehand employed to a cruel stable master. Aldebaran takes Olliver as her squire, and the two continue on to Rhona Salba, the capital of Ilmeria.

Alde and Olly arrive in Rhona Salba and settle into the temple of the Silver Lady. There, the priestesses teach Olly to read and write, while Alde herself teaches the boy to fight.
Alde takes pleasure in wandering the streets of the city, and meeting its denizens. Of note is an odd man named Atlas, who walks with Alde and Olly along the shore. Atlas introduces Alde to Althaddeus Favor, a dragon slayer, and Seline Oldenwilde, an alchemist prodigy.

In one of her late night wanderings, Alde discovers the Witches Market, a secret bazaar specializing in illicit and illegal goods. Angered by what she saw there, she recruits the help of Percival Ontier, a paladin in the service of the Inconquerable Son. Together, the two put an end to the Witches Market, but not without drawing the ire the town guard, who frown upon vigilantism.

Several days after the Witches Market incident, Aldebaran is approached by Percival. He is being sent to Iron Town to deal with an undead problem. The miners of Iron Town had uncovered a long forgotten tomb filled with the reanimated corpses of long dead mercenaries. Aldebaran and Percival cleared out the tomb before uncovering the source of the evil: a grave knight called Urvanok. Aldebaran fought valiantly, but was overcome by the fearsome grave knight. In that moment, her mind was pulled from the Material Plane to the Lunar Sea, where the Silver Lady resides. After speaking with the Silver Lady, Alde was returned to her body, completely renewed and now wearing a special suit of armor. She vanquished Urvanok and cleansed the mine of his evil.

After returning to Rhona Salba, Aldebaran is attacked in her sleep. She manages to fend off her assassin, but not without sustaining heavy injury. While she is on the mend, she receives a mysterious note hinting at the identity of her attacker. She meets withDovin Caine, a private investigator looking into the murder of a prominent merchant lord, Solomon Pierkos. In their investigation, the two uncover an insidious plot involving a demon-worshipping cult and a plan to assassinate the king, Marchand Lenande. Aldebaran was able to put the pieces together in time, stopping the assassin and saving the king.

Summer is now drawing to an end. What adventures will winter bring?


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